gas tank lining

We specialize in lining and repairing motorcycle gas tanks.

If your tank is leaking, rusting or swelling…A GTL Liner will save it!

GTL Advantage
Metal Tanks
Fiberglass Tanks
Plastic Tanks
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The GTL Advantage


Our priority is to make your tank better than new! Whether it’s metal, fiberglass, or a plastic tank we’ve got you covered. A GTL liner can save your tank, regardless of the condition. It seals leaks caused by corrosion and protects it from ethanol and the corrosion it causes. Your tank will never rust, leak, swell, or blister again. Another advantage is there’s no need to repaint your tank...Whether it’s OEM, Vintage, or Custom we can save your existing paint! It even comes with our exclusive Biketime Warranty…That’s the GTL Advantage!


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