gas tank lining

We specialize in repairing and sealing motorcycle gas tanks.

If your tank is leaking, rusting or blistering…A GTL Liner can save it!

GTL Advantage

· Proven Epoxy Lining

· Save and Protect

· Remove Failed Sealers

· Remove Rust and Varnished Gas

· Corrosion Repair

· Strip-n-Prime

· Guaranteed Paint Protection

· Limited Biketime Warranty

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The GTL Advantage


Our priority is to make your gas tank better than new! Regardless of the make, model or condition, a GTL liner will save your tank. We remove the rust, varnished gas, and even the sealer that’s disintegrating in your gas tank. Damages are repaired and tanks are permanently sealed. They will never rust, leak, or blister again!

Our process works specifically on the inside of your gas tank, so there’s no need to repaint it. Our
Guaranteed Paint Protection covers your paint. And our Limited Biketime Warranty covers the liner, at no additional cost!

Simply stated, your tank will last longer and your bike will run better by installing a GTL Liner.
That’s the
GTL Advantage!

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