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We specialize in cleaning and lining motorcycle gas tanks!

GTL Advantage

· Permanent Epoxy Lining

· Remove Rust and Mystery Contaminants

· Remove Failed OEM Liners

· Save Existing Paint

· All Gas Tank Substrates:

Steel, Aluminum, Composite, Plastic


“The workmanship is top notch...I would recommend them to anyone.” Russell - Exile Cycles

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The GTL Advantage - We don’t just line tanks...We save them!


When you look inside your gas tank, it may be obvious that you’ve got a problem, but what it is, and how to fix it, is anything but obvious. Until now your options have been limited; you either Do-it-yourself or take it to a radiator shop, and neither option is appealing or effective.

GTL has perfected the process of cleaning and lining motorcycle gas tanks. We remove rust and mystery contaminants, then install a permanent liner that protects your tank from modern fuel and the damage it causes. And because our process is completely internal, it’s done without affecting your paint. Yes, we can save your gas tank...that’s the
The GTL Advantage!



“Wow! My tank looks just like the picture on your website.” James - Ducati Owner

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"Every build goes straight to GTL, it's a no brainer. They've set the standard!" Caleb - CRO Customs


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Ethanol is a mandated additive in modern fuel that readily absorbs moisture. The combination of ethanol and water is extremely damaging to all gas tanks; rusting steel, destroying fiberglass, swelling plastic, and corroding aluminum tanks. It even affects most tank sealers. Ethanol is slowly destroying your gas tank! And because it's here to stay, permanent protection is needed.

Originally developed for the Navy, our epoxy is the ultimate gas tank liner. Its extremely dense molecular structure is unaffected by ethanol, water, or gas, protecting your tank from modern fuel and the damage it causes. The best part is that you’ll never worry about your tank again.


We remove rust, mystery contaminants, and failed liners with a variety of specialized processes. Caustics, acids, and specialized chemicals, along with custom-built machinery prepare tanks to ASTM standards. It’s no DIY cleaning...this is an engineered manufacturing process that guarantees permanent results!

Our proprietary application process thoroughly coats tanks. Filler necks, petcock openings, and gasket surfaces are cleaned, while crossover tubes, fuel lines, and internal vents remain clear. Whether fuel injected or carbureted, your tank will function like new.

“But what about my paint?” We know how important your paint is, so we developed our process around it. The entire process is internal. There’s no cutting or welding, and your tank is never dipped in anything. As long as your tank and its paint are in sound condition*, you've got nothing to worry about. Additionally, after lining your tank, we clean and polish it so when you get it back, it’ll look its best.

The benefits of a GTL liner are tremendous: You’ll ride more and worry less, your bike will run better and last longer, and you’ll even enjoy increased resale value. And because we do it right the first time, you’ll save time, money, and your gas tank...that’s The GTL Advantage!

Sounds Great!...but what's it cost?

Gas Tank Lining - Starting at $799 for steel tanks in sound condition*. Additional charges may apply depending on the tank's condition, contents, and configuration (baffles, plumbing, access, etc.).

Liner Removal - Starting at $199 and is limited to the OEM liners (factory-installed) found in Harley-Davidson, BMW, Ducati, Triumph, Victory, and Indian motorcycles from 1999-2023. OEM liners are either grey, black, or red oxide. We do not remove aftermarket liners.

Aluminum, plastic, carbon fiber, fiberglass, and soldered steel tanks (generally pre-1950) require special chemicals and processes specific to each tank. We have temporarily discontinued these tanks.

We also offer welding, paint stripping, and other ancillary services at our shop rate of $119 per hour. Please include or ask for more information if needed in the Notes section on our Order form.

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* Sound Condition: Tanks that do not leak before or during our cleaning process. And paint that is catalyzed, fully cured, and solvent resistant.

“GTL has taken tanks considered to be unusable and restored them beautifully.” Charlie - Charlie’s Place

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“What a perfect job! My thanks for what can only be described as expert work.” Don - BMW Owner



“What an amazing job, I thought my MV would never see the road again.” Mike - MV Agusta Owner