gas tank lining
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With over 25 years’ experience custom painting motorcycles, we’ve seen the damages caused by ethanol. We started lining tanks in the late 90’s and realized how valuable it would be for all motorcycles. The R&D began and it took a while but we finally got it. In 2010 GTL Advantage was born.

Tank lining is becoming an essential part of building, restoring, and repairing bikes because it is extremely beneficial. We see a variety of bikes and are privileged to work on some of the rarest motorcycles in the world; Indians, Vincents, Broughs and more. We enjoy working with everyone in the industry; owners, dealers, builders, restorers, and repair shops.

Reuben is our certified motorcycle mechanic and has been with me from the beginning. Fidel has 25 years in auto restoration at the Nethercutt Museum. Alex, with her business experience helps manage the details. They bring the expertise, dedication, and the work ethic required to make this business a success. They are great people, a joy to work with, and are true professionals.

You’re welcome to come by the shop, check out our work, and meet the dogs...Lola and Rusty. We look forward to seeing you and hope that someday we can help you with one of your projects.



A special word of thanks goes out to the guys who’s expertise, advice, and patience has given us a tremendous start...Thank You!