gas tank lining

We specialize in cleaning and lining motorcycle gas tanks!

GTL Advantage

· Permanent Epoxy Lining

· Remove Rust and Mystery Contaminants

· Remove Failed Sealers/Liners

· Save Existing Paint

· Seal Leaks

· All Gas Tank Substrates:

Steel, Aluminum, Composite, Plastic

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The GTL Advantage - We don’t just line tanks...We save them!


We have perfected the process of cleaning and lining tanks without affecting the paint. Regardless of what your tank is made of, our proprietary epoxy permanently protects tanks from ethanol and the damage it causes. Our liner removal processes remove even the most stubborn of liners. Yes...we can save your gas tank!

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“ Wow! My tank looks just like the picture on the your website” James - Ducati Owner

gas tank repair


"Every build goes straight to GTL, it's a no brainer. They've set the standard" Caleb - CRO Customs


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Ethanol is a mandated additive in modern fuel that readily absorbs water. This combination is extremely damaging to all gas tanks; it rusts steel, corrodes aluminum, destroys fiberglass, and swells plastic tanks. It even affects most gas tank liners. Regardless of what your tank is made of, or what it’s lined with, these effects must be addressed.

Our epoxy, originally developed for the Navy, is the ultimate gas tank liner. Its dense molecular structure is unaffected by ethanol, protecting your tank from modern fuel and its damaging effects. It’s thick viscosity seals pinholes and repairs minor corrosion damage, while the porcelain-like finish helps keep your tank clean. Best of all, it’s permanent! You’ll never worry about your tank again.


We remove rust, failed liners, and mystery contaminants using custom machinery and multi-stage chemical processes to clean tanks regardless of their condition. After cleaning, tanks get a specialized bonding treatment for the ultimate in adhesion. It’s a manufacturing process engineered to ASTM standards, guaranteeing a permanent installation. It’s not just cleaning; it’s professional preparation!

“But what about my paint?” Our cleaning process is internal; there is no cutting or welding, and tanks are never dipped in anything...Yes, we can save your paint! The process can be messy, so after lining, tanks are cleaned and professionally polished. For best results, your tank and its paint should be in sound condition.

If you’re looking for professional results, this is no DIY job, it’s not even an “I got a guy” job. Send your tank to the professionals at GTL and never worry about it again!


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“GTL has taken tanks considered to be unusable and restored them beautifully” Charlie - Charlie’s Place


“What a perfect job! My thanks for what can only be described as expert work.” Don - BMW Owner

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