gas tank lining

We specialize in cleaning and lining motorcycle gas tanks!

GTL Advantage

· Proven Epoxy Lining

· Remove Rust and Varnished Gas

· Remove Failed OEM Liners

· Save Existing Paint

“The workmanship is top notch...I would recommend them to anyone.” Russell Mitchell - Exile Cycles

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GTL Advantage...We don’t just line tanks, we save them!


Our propritery process removes rust and varnished gas while cleaning all tanks to manufactures specs. Our epoxy liner seals gas tanks, repairs corrosion damage, and permanently protects tanks from modern fuel and the corrosion it causes. Our liner removal process removes OEM liners. And, because all of our processes are internal, your paint is preserved...Yes, we can save your gas tank!

Regardless of the year, make, or model, a GTL liner will save your...

· Gas tank, by removing rust, varnished gas, and failed gas tank liners.

· Existing paint, our process works internally, preserving your paint.

· Time and money, it’s far more cost effective than replacing the tank.

"Every build goes straight to GTL, it's a no brainer. They've set the standard" Caleb - CRO Customs

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