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GTL Advantage Pricing
Individual Gas Tanks
Any tank in sound condition, with the exception of the tanks listed below, regardless of make, model, or substrate.
  Painted Tanks   Unpainted Tanks
Cleaning and Lining – $349   $299
OEM Liner Removal* $149    
Aftermarket Liner Removal - Click here    
Split or Oversized Gas Tanks
Applies to tanks in sound condition, pre 1999 Harley-Davidson and Indian tanks, as well as Oversized tanks such as BMW GS, KTM Adventure, Ducati Paso, and tanks w/built in seats and/or tail sections.
  Painted Tanks   Unpainted Tanks
Cleaning and Lining – $549   $499
OEM Liner Removal* $299    
Aftermarket Liner Removal - Click here    
*OEM liner Removal - Applies to late model Harley-Davidsons (light grey), and BMWs (red oxide), as well as some late model Triumphs and Ducatis (both use a black liner) with OEM paint. If you have an aftermarket liner or custom paint, call for more info.

“GTL has taken tanks considered to be unusable and restored them beautifully with careful attention to detail.”
Charlie - Charlie’s Place

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Ethanol is an additive in modern gas and is a form of alcohol that absorbs moisture. This combination effects virtually all gas tanks, it quickly rusts steel, destroys fiberglass resins, and swells plastic tanks. It also attacks OEM and aftermarket gas tank sealers. Regardless of what your gas tank is made of, the effects of ethanol must be addressed.

In addition to ethanol, age can be a real issue with tanks. From barn finds to trailor queens we run into the same problem - rust and varnished gas. We use custom-built machines and a multi-stage chemical process to clean all tanks to ASTM standards, regardless of their condition...They simply can’t get any cleaner!


Our epoxy was originally developed for the U.S. Navy, and is the ultimate liner. Its dense molecular structure is unaffected by ethanol. Its thick viscosity, seals pin holes and repairs corrosion damage. Its porcelian-like finish helps keeps your tank clean. And best of all, because it’s permanent, it’s the only liner you’ll ever need.

Liner removal - Yes, we can remove the factory installed (OEM) liners in Harley-Davidsons and BMWs, as well as some late model Triumphs and Ducatis. It adds time and cost to the job, but the results are well worth it, as these tanks are either expensive, hard to replace, or both. If you have an aftermarket liner, click here for more info.


Whether it’s OEM, custom, or vintage, we can save your paint! Our processes are internal, so, there’s no need to remove the paint, however, tanks are exposed to mild chemicals and moderate heat, so the paint must be in sound condition. After lining, your tank is cleaned and professionally polished. Inside and out your tank will look its best.

If you’re looking for professional results, this is no DIY job, it’s not even an “I got a guy” job. Send your tank to the professionals at GTL and never worry about it again! If you have any questions, please conact us. If you’ve got enough info, then simply fill out our Order Form and send in your tank.

“What a perfect job! My thanks for what can only be described as expert work.” Don - BMW Owner

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Aftermarket Liner Removal -
There are many variables when it comes to removing aftermarket liners. There are a dozen or so brands of liners, each requiring different chemicals and techniques to remove. The gas tank, its substrate, condition, shape, access, and configuration, are additional factors, as well as the paint, its type, quality, and condition.

In removing an aftermarket liner you must first decide which is most important to you...The paint or the gas tank? If your tank is rare or custom, can it easily be replaced? Assuming your paint is custom, is it more valuable than the tank? The answers will help you decide.

Method 1. When the tank itself is more valuable than the paint, there is no point in saving the paint. Chemically stripping the tank inside and out, is the best way to start. Doing so ensures professional results when lining.

Method 2.
If your paint is more important than the tank, you should know that we remove up to 98% of the liner, but the 2% that remains may interfere with the final process required for guaranteed results. Removing an aftermarket liner and preserving the paint is done on a best-effort basis.

Aftermarket Liner Removal - regardless of the method you choose.

Individual Tanks – $199  
Split or Oversized Tanks $349    
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